About STI-K


According to the Order 2016/12 of Revenue (Ordinary) propagated on 3/4/2012, the order for starting a Modern Survey Course in Survey and Land Records department is sanctioned. Based on that, Revenue (E) Department’s Government Order (MS)No: 307/14/Revenue dated 17/7/2014 declares that Modern Survey Institute under Survey and Land Records Department can be registered and administered based on Thiru-Kochi Charitable Societies Act, based on this Order, Modern Government Research & Training Centre for Survey(MGRTCS) is registered in Thiruvananthapuram District Registration office, Reg. No: Tvm/TC/1024/2014 on 18/8/2014. The Government Research & Training Center for Survey (MGRTCS) under the Department was renamed as ‘Survey Training Institute – Kerala (STI-K)’ on 16/07/2021 as per Government Order 2423/2021/Rev.


From 5/11/2014 Modern Government Research & Training Centre for Survey (renamed as STI-K) started functioning. For the BFO/SFO officers of Forest and Wildlife Conservation Department, Modern Higher Survey Course on the subjects, Chain Survey, Higher Survey and Modern Survey were conducted. Training for other department officers is also on discussion. Officers of Survey department are also receiving training from here.


In addition to it, STI-K gives 2 months Modern Survey Course Training to private students. Officers from various offices of Survey & Land Records department work in STI-K provides their service in STI-K based on work rearrangement. The details of those officers are as follows.

Sl.No Name of post Designation Present Required
1 Principal 1 Deputy Director 1
2 Administrative Officer 1 Technical Assistant 1
3 Course Co-Ordinator 1 (Head Surveyor/Head Draftsman) 1
4 Manager 1 (Head Draftsman) 1
5 Office Clerk 1 (First Grade Draftsman) ) 1
6 Faculty 6 (First Grade Surveyor/ First Grade Draftsman) 1
7 Chainman 1 1


The training by Survey Training Institute – Kerala (STI-K) in ILDM, PTP Nagar at Thiruvananthapuram. Subjects for the course are levelling, Theodolite Survey, Contouring, GPS Survey, Total Station Survey and Mapping software. 50 working days is its duration with 30 candidates course fee of Rs. 15,000/- plus 5000/- caution deposit per head has to pay. Officers of other departments can also pay fee and join the course. The Syllabus can be modified according to request.