Torrens System

Torrens system is a system which insists the presentation of survey map along with the deed for registration in respect of any transfer or otherwise disposal of land. The above map shall be prepared by a licensed surveyor or by an officer authorised by the Government in this behalf and got approved.  Kerala has made a feeble attempt to introduce Torrens’s or, to be more precise, a component of Torrens in the villages under the Principal Sub-Registrar Offices of Kottayam & Angamaly since 1995. Due to the strong opposition and court cases this initiative could not be scaled up but somehow still being followed in 13 villages.

The villages where Torrens system exists are as follows

  1. Kottayam-Kottayam, Aimanam, Chegalam, Nattakom, Thiruvarpu, Peroor, Kumarakom.
  2. Aluva-Angamali, Manjapra, Mukkannur, Thuravur, Ayyauzha, Karukutty.

Torrens Licence

    1. Licence issuing officer

The licence issuing officer is The Director of Survey and Land Records or an officer authorised by him.

    1. Qualifications of Licensed Surveyor

a) A chain survey certificate approved by The Director of Survey and Land Records.
b) I.T.I Certificate in surveyor trade
c) Six years military experience in surveyor trade.
d) Not less than six years experience in Kerala Survey and Land Records Department as a Surveyor

    1. Application for Licence

Application in Form No-26 together with the chalan receipt in original towards the remittance of fee of Rs.2205/-(Two thousand two hundred and five only),  two passport size photos, Copy of  S.S.L.C  front page and copy of qualifying certificate.

    1. Issue of Licence

The licensing Officer, being satisfied of the suitability of the applicant, shall issue the licence in formNo-27 for a period of two years which may be renewed in every two year. Renewel fees Rs.1105/- (One thousand one hundred and five only),

    1. Jurisdiction of Licensed Surveyor

The area of jurisdiction of a licensed surveyor shall not extend to more than one taluk.

    1. Power to suspend Licence

The licensing officer shall have power to suspend a licence for reasons to be recorded in writing.

    1. Power to cancel Licence

The licensing officer shall have power to cancel a licence for reasons to be recorded in writing after having given the licensed surveyor an opportunity to defend his case.

Head of Account for Remmitting Fees : 0029-00-800-92-other items


Application for Torrens Licence